Dark Necessity: The (Short) Fiction of Hawthorne, Poe, & Melville


Course Description

Hawthorne, Melville, and Poe, though classic American writers, eschewed the commonplace 19th-century American belief in pragmatism, utilitarianism, and more generally, the optimism of the era in which they lived. While many touted the perfectibility of humanity and of the country, emphasizing the freedom of the individual and our better natures, these writers frequently portray what Melville called “the power of blackness,” a “dark necessity” that impels humankind toward depravity and evil.

What do their writings reveal about the worst in humankind—dramatized so powerfully in the characters and narrative ruminations in many of their works? What sort of resonance do their fictions have in our age, when every day it seems, we learn of indiscriminate violence and evil somewhere in the world? Does their literary art enable us to better conceive depravity and more generally, human nature, as a result of reading them? Does their work offer reason—however tenuous—to remain optimistic?

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First Session: Wednesday, September 18th 2019

Course Length: 12 weeks, Wednesdays, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Discussion Team: Michael Tritt, Anne Fitzpatrick and Penny Soper

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