Fiction Writing Workshop


Course Description

Are you an aspiring fiction writer? This introductory workshop for new and emerging writers of fiction will help you to develop compelling characters and tell their stories in vivid, entertaining prose. Through weekly short assignments, readings, and in-class discussions, we will explore the many elements of good fiction, such as character, dialogue, setting, point of view, and plot. The final assignment, a short story, will build on and combine all of these elements.

Please note, that this course has a maximum enrollment of 15 students.

Priority is given to students who pay upon registration.

For fully registered courses, a waiting list will be created. Should vacancies develop, those on the waiting list will be contacted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that we do not allow participants to audit courses for free.

Course Details

First Session: Thursday, January 9th 2020

Course Length: 12 weeks, Thursdays, 6:15 PM - 8:15 PM

Instructor: Pauline Beauchamp and Karen Nesbitt

Course Fee: 

$150.00 (tuition fee)

$100.00 (promotion for new students)

Administrative Fee:



$185.00 (tuition fee)

$135.00 (promotion for new students)


Please note, degree students must schedule an appointment with the Admissions and Accreditation Committee to register for courses for this term. Degree students should not register online.

The course fees are refundable in full before the second session. After the second session, a fee of $50 for the withdrawal will be applied. Refunds will not be issued after the third session.

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