Indigenous People Indigenizing the Future

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“So how then is it possible that Indigenous communities are in worse shape today than they were in the 1970s?"
—Suzanne Methot

How have Canadian colonialism and its ancillary network of residential schools traumatically derailed and deformed the coherence and continuity of Indigenous culture, particularly in connection with family relationships? How are we to understand the sources of such extreme systemic violence and abuse? What proposals have been offered to address the aftermath of this massive, socio-cultural, and transgenerational trauma and what will it take to truly promote healing and Indigenous self-determination?

This course will address these and other questions by foregrounding the new book Legacy, written by Indigenous author and educator Suzanne Methot. In this important multi-disciplinary work, Methot meticulously and poignantly describes and traces the roots of Indigenous cultural dislocation, community breakdown, and the fracturing of family bonds. We will also consider texts by other writers, especially Indigenous authors, that offer additional information and perspectives. Our discussion will explore some of the historical moments and political concepts that have led us to our present situation.

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    • Legacy by Suzanne Methot (paperback)

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First Session: Tuesday 22 September 2020

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