Longing, Belonging, and Home

Social Sciences

Course Description

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What is the definition of home, and is it possible, through mementos and memory, to transport your home and recreate it in a new location?

Whether one moves by choice or is forced to flee (in the case of refugees), one must decide which possessions to take and what to leave in place. Oftentimes these decisions are made quickly (what can you carry on your back?), at other times, with great thought and care.

The study of material culture in the form of objects and their significance and value (emotionally and historically), as well as the definition of “belonging”—What does it mean to be a part of a community? What role does nostalgia play?—will be viewed through the lens of contemporary and historical displacements.

Additionally, this course will ask: How do material culture, family history, and food contribute to comforting the displaced and helping them recreate a sense of home?

Through a careful study of forced migrations, this course seeks to draw parallels among disparate peoples and events in order to examine the commonalities in the experience of leaving home and having to recreate it someplace else.

Books to Purchase

    • Ru by Kim Thúy (transl. Sheila Fischman, 2015). ISBN: 9780345816146

As of September 2021, this course has been postponed to a future term.

Course Details

First Session: Wednesday 22 September 2021

Course Length: 8 weeks, Wednesdays, 6:15 to 8:15 p.m.

Discussion Team: Karen Etingin, Kathryn McMorrow, Mariana Navarro-Grau

Degree Credit: 0 credits

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