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Course Description

As readers, we can all identify with John Steinbeck’s remark that “certain books were realer than experience… I read them when I was… young, and remember them not always as books, but as things that happened to me.” At the same time, we can sympathize with Chang Ch’ao’s observation that “reading books in one’s youth is like looking at the moon through a crevice; reading books in middle age is like looking at the moon in one’s courtyard; and reading books in old age is like looking at the moon on an open terrace. Finally, at seventy-five or eighty, the full moon blazes forth in all its glory.”

Why and how do books make such strong impressions on us? Why have certain books had such a powerful impact on readers in our culture? During the weekly discussions and in connection with the course readings, participants will share their experiences and insights as readers.

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Course Details

First Session: Thursday, April 2nd 2020

Course Length: 10 weeks, Thursdays, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Discussion Team: Len Richman, Nusia Matura, Barbara Rolston 

Course Fees: 

$140.00 (tuition fee)

$92.00 (promotion for new students)

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$175.00 (tuition fee)

$127.00 (promotion for new students)

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