Shakespeare in the Spring


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This year’s six-week “Shakespeare in the Spring” focuses on two of the plays on stage at the Stratford Festival this summer, Richard III and Hamlet. These plays introduce us to two of Shakespeare’s most intriguing protagonists—one who fascinates for his Machiavellian evil, the other for his tormented inner life. Both playsappear to be dramas of succession, but have twists that only Shakespeare could bring us. Richard III murders his way to the crown, gaining power despite significant obstacles. He is a force of evil the audience finds itself strangely attracted to and almost complicit with, as he ruthlessly avenges England from past usurpers along the way to power. Hamlet, Richard’s opposite in insight and deliberation, equally enthralls his audience by his wit, his apparent madness, and his tormented soul. Spurred by his father’s ghost to take revenge upon the uncle who murdered his father and married his mother, Hamlet finds himself instead overcome by paralyzing doubt.
How does Shakespeare’s depiction of Richard t
How does Shakespeare’s depiction of Richard the Third, a man seemingly lacking an inner life, help us to understand Hamlet, a man with such inner depths that he cannot transcend his own thoughts and bring himself to action? What does Shakespeare’s portrayal of these royal figures embroiled in succession dramas reveal to us about being human? Why does Shakespeare name these two plays tragedies? Is the human condition inescapably tragic or is redemption possible?

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First Session: Monday, March 30th 2020

Course Length: 6 weeks, Mondays, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Discussion Team: Carol Fiedler, Bill Gilsdorf, Patricia Sikender

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