Lonergan’s answer to Kant’s question: Que pouvons-nous connaître?

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Following last year’s course on self-appropriation, which focused on Part I of Lonergan’s Insight (insight as activity), this course addresses Part II (insight as knowledge) and explores Lonergan's relationship to Kant and his famous question "What can I know?" Some of the questions we will investigate are “What is a fact?” “How can we define a human being?” “What is the relationship between faith and love?” and “Is the universe intelligible?”

The previous course in the series is not a prerequisite.

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Location: Zoom

First Session: Wednesday 21 September 2022

Course Length: 12 sessions, every other Wednesday, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. (21 September to 30 November and 18 January to 29 March)

Discussion Team: Pierrot Lambert, Heather Stephens

Degree Credit: 3 credits

Course Fees: $95

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