Music in Montreal: An Ongoing Tour, Part II 


Course Description

Join us, this year, as we will be closely following the concerts of the main orchestras of the city, as well as chamber music groups, baroque ensembles, choirs, and a smattering of jazz and music from various traditions. The post-pandemic era is an exciting time to be following these concert programs for many reasons: Ensembles are presenting concerts with a renewed energy, and the current social climate has prompted a renewal of the sometimes-staid repertoire of classical ensembles. Fresh, exciting concerts are taking place on an almost nightly basis in this great cultural city! Course leader François A. Ouimet will provide videos and quality audio to the class through Zoom, and discuss certain aspects of the music, so that participants will better appreciate what they hear in the concert hall.  

Please note that this course has a maximum enrollment of 14 students and that TMI does not allow participants to audit courses for free.

Course Details

Location: Online

First Session: Monday, January 15th, 2024

Course Length: 12 weeks, Monday, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. 

Instructor: François Ouimet   

Degree Credit: 0 credits

Course Fee: 

$150.00 (standard tuition)
$100.00 (promotion for new students)

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$185.00 (standard tuition)
$135.00 (promotion for new students)

Course fees are refundable in full before the second session. After the second session, a fee of $50 for the withdrawal will be applied. Refunds will not be issued after the third session. Please note that non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal. 

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